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I would have liked

Facing that man who was demanding

his plate, his drink, his car, his boy,

who’d clap his hands and give his orders

and treat me like a toy.

Facing the discourse of those guys

for whom that raped girl was a bitch,

half excited this’ what they say,-

“have you seen how she was dressed!?!”


I would have liked

to say something to make it stop

I would have liked

to do something but well, I didn’t

And so I made this little air, this little song

just to be hummed facing what makes the joy of dumbs.


Facing the proud man whose success

makes the admiration of donkeys

Who’d laugh about your poor old clothes,

your crappy job, your funny taste.

Facing the angels of virtue,

for whom their life is a model

who’d reny their own son

if he was chosing his own life . . .


For the ones whose humiliation

made the great joy of these people

for the ones who begun weak

silent, wait for their revenge . . .



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